Hands and Feet

Join us in our relaxing manicure and pedicure room. We have three pedi chairs with massage and whirlpool tubs.


Traditional Manicure

Includes: Nail shaping, buffing, full cuticle treatment, massage and polish application.

$40 | French: $47

Mosaic Spa Manicure

Our luxury hand care treatment includes everything in the traditional manicure plus scrub and the therapeutic hydrating and soothing paraffin wax treatment.

$50| French: $56

Shellac Manicure

This longer lasting alternative to traditional polish resists chipping and fading for up to 2 weeks. It is the best option for before holidays or a special event where you want 100% perfect polish.

$50 | French: $55

Sportsman Hand & Nail Treatment

Hand and nail care is not just for women. This treatment helps with tough skin and cuticles. Leaving hands neat and tidy.



Traditional Pedicure

Includes; soak, nail shaping and buffing, full cuticle treatment, foot and lower leg exfoliation & relaxing foot and lower leg massage and polish perfect nails.

$57 | French $63

Mosaic Spa Pedicure

This is our luxury foot care treatment. Everything in the traditional pedicure plus hydrating, soothing and comforting paraffin wax treatment.

$69 | French $76

Hot Stone Pedicure

This incredibly relaxing treatment uses warm stones to help with massage. Full foot care is done as in spa pedicure.


Sportsman Pedicure

Designed for feet that need a little extra care after being stuck in boots and work shoes all day.


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