Relaxation Massage and Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a relaxation massage by one of our experienced aesthetician .

NOTE: This is not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist

30 Minutes – $65

45 Minutes$80

60 Minutes $95

90 Minutes – $135

90 Minutes Hot Stone Massage$145

Back Facial

Show your back a little love with a treatment for those hard to reach spots. Exfoliation, extractions and hydration. So super smooth!

40 Minutes$96

Trim & Tite™ Skin Tightening & Contouring

Trim & Tite™ with the Venus Legacy device is an effective non-surgical skin tightening solution that can be done after weight loss to help you achieve the sculpted results you are aiming for.

It provides immediate long term results for skin tightening as well as cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction and stretch mark reduction so you can achieve goals. of body shaping, cellulite reduction, tighter skin, stretch marks reduction and circumferential reduction.

It uses heat to safely shrink fat cells and smooth out areas where fat was not evenly reduced.

Venus Legacy with SculptFx™ and Lift Fx™ is the strongest and deepest and largest device on the market. It utilizes patented technology that combines both multipolar radio frequency (RF) along with pulsed magnetic fields (MP)2 with a suction component to tighten skin and reduce cellulite while reducing pockets of fat.

These two types of energy work in synergy to effectively deliver remarkable clinical results.

The Venus Legacy TM is licensed by Health Canada.

No downtime allows you to return to normal activities immediately after.

Treatment Plan

A series of treatments is needed to produce optimal results. Between 8-10 treatments, once to twice weekly are typically recommended.

When those are completed, about three treatments a year are recommended to help maintain your results. Treatments are safe on all skin tones. New collagen and elastin fibres give skin a tighter more youthful appearance while fat cells shrink and diminish.


  • Smooth Cellulite
  • Reduce Focal Fat
  • Lessen Stretch Mark Visibility
  • Tighten Lax Skin
  • Diminish Wrinkles
  • Safe for All Skin Types
  • No Downtime
  • Low Risk of Burns, Bruises or Blisters
  • Scientifically Proven Technology and Energy

Cost per Area$210
Receive 3 FREE with package of 7!

Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions

Exclusion Criteria

  • Active Inflammation and/or Infection in the Treated Area.
  • Current or History of Cancer & Premalignant Condition.
  • Degenerative neurologic diseases.
  • Diseases Stimulated by Heat, (such as recurrent Herpes simplex in the treatment area).
  • Internal Defibrillator /Pacemaker.
  • Metal implants in the treated area excluding dental implants.
  • Uncontrolled Disorder of the Thyroid Gland.
  • Varicose Veins.
  • Pregnancy, IVF procedure
  • Skin Related Autoimmune Diseases.
  • Silicone implants and injections in treated area.

Before Your Treatment:

  • All jewelry and/or metal items have to be removed prior to your visit.
  • Ensure that skin is clean and free from lotions, creams and make-up.
  • Treatment areas cannot contain tattoo’s.

After Your Treatment:

  • After your treatment(s) you may experience temporary mild swelling and/or redness for a few hours. We do not want you to use ice or cold compresses.
  • Keep hydrated to help your body get rid of the contents of your emptied fat cells.
  • Your normal skin care regime may be resumed-including sun block and/or make up the same day.
  • A gentle non-exfoliating cleanser and light moisturizer can be used the day of Treatment. We recommend following the treatment protocol which is consistently doing your treatments one week apart to get the maximum results. If not, results will vary. Don’t forget to schedule your next treatment. We will be happy to coordinate follow-up appointments around your schedule to minimize any inconvenience.

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