Just For Men

Skin Health Treatments are not designed for just women. We have found more men are now asking what medical spa treatments can do for them. In the competitive world of business and social obligations, looking and feeling confident in your appearance can give you the advantage. For some men there is an intimidation factor of coming in to a space that tends to have mostly women. We are able to provide private consultation via email along with our online consultation form. We can also arrange to have your appointment during “quiet” hours. Please let us know how we can make your treatment experience a positive one for you.

What are our male clients asking for?

  • The most common treatments include laser hair for excess body hair (most common is for the back).
  • Microdermabrasion and VIVA resurfacing for enlarges pores & acne scarring.
  • Laser and Light Treatments for rosacea, sunspots and broken blood vessels.
  • Cosmetic Botox for severe frown/anger lines. WEB GUYS- CAN clients CLICK ON BOLD TREATMENTS AND GO TO DESCRIPTION?

Are there special products designed just for men?

Men are exposed to environmental effects just as much as women are, in some cases more so and therefore should be paying attention to home care products. We use and retail medical grade home care products that are made of active pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The products we choose to have and use in our Skin Health Spa are designed to promote and maintain healthy skin and not to be marketed just for women. Protection and Prevention from UV rays is a primary focus for all of our clients. Book a complimentary Skin Health Consultation for a customized treatment plan.

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