At Mosaic Hair Co. our team of stylists provide high end services and products to bring you current trends as well as traditional hair treatments. Our prices are determined by the stylist’s years of experience as well as their skill level.

Let us know if you would like to add an Aesthetic Skin Care or Healthy Skin Treatment to your hair appointment. We are proud to bring you a MOSAIC of services.

Junior Sr. Stylist Master
Women’s Cut

Includes shampoo, scalp massage & styling.

35 45 50
Men’s Cut

Includes shampoo, scalp massage & styling.

22 26 26
Men’s Fades

Hair cut that fades from short to longer.

25 30 35
Student Female Cut

Includes shampoo & styling.

30 35 35
Student Male Cut

Includes shampoo & styling.

20 23 23
Girls 12-16 Cut
Boys 12-16 Cut
Kids Cut

Ages 12 and under.

Customized Colour

Formulated just for you, hair is rejuvenated with one colour from root to end.

Colour Touch Up

Refreshes roots over entire head, recommended every 6-8 weeks.

Partial Highlights

15-30 foils, customized placement and can include multiple colours.

Full Highlights

30+ foils, customized placement and can include multiple colours.

Partial Balayage/Ombre

Creates a sun kissed look. The base colour remains the same but the colour of the ends of the hair changes to a lighter customized shade.

Full Balayage/Ombre

Same as partial balayage but the base colour changes and the ends of the hair gets a customized lighter shade.

Toning Service

This additional colour service is often required when lightening the hair. Toning neutralizes and controls unwanted tones, such as brassy (yellow/orange) tones that are seen after lightening the hair. Toning can also enhance and add extra vibrancy to create rich depth or a soft pastel.

Elumen Fashion Colours

A choice of vibrant colours can be placed as accent pieces or panels. This service often requires pre-lightening to create the best results. A consultation with your stylist is recommended.

Colour Correction

Sometimes clients come to us and want a total colour change or their current colour is not exactly what they thought it would be and you would like it corrected. Our colour correction stylist can help. Consultation required and price discussed at that time.

Hair Extension Service Get instant longer hair with tape in or bond style

hair extensions. Consultation required to determine what look you are wanting to achieve.
Great for helping the akward phase of growing your hair out.
Does not damage your hair. Price discussed at consultation.

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