Spa Relaxation

Sometimes you just need a break.
ESCAPE for some pampering time. You deserve a “mini vacation”!

Escape Facials

We recognize that sometimes you just want an escape from the noise and chaos. We welcome you to find some peace and an opportunity to experience the benefit of pampering yourself. A little self-care holiday!

Our facials are designed to gently cleanse, nourish and hydrate with a focus on relaxation. Extractions are not done during Escape Facials.

For deep cleansing & therapeutic facials please refer to our Facials and Advanced Skin Care pages.

Balance Facial

This Facial is for impure, combination, oily skin prone to clogged pores. Rebalances, refines and evens out texture.

Balance Facial – $100

Rehydra Facial

For Normal to Dry Skin. Sublime moisturizing care to quench and prevent premature aging complexion.

60 Minutes – $100

Ultimate Lift Facial

This skin lifting and relaxing facial feels like a decadent hot stone massage. It combines state of the art radio frequency energy and electromagnetic pulses to boost collagen.

Add our tranquility aromatherapy welcome, deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation & a hydrating masque, and you are left with an immediate lift to your jawline and
glowing refreshed skin. Perfect way to prepare for a special event and be photo ready.

Ultimate Lift Facial (60 Minutes) – $250

Escape for your hands and feet

Join us in our relaxing manicure & pedicure room. We have three massage pedicure chairs with whirlpool tubs. Indulge in our aromatic and nourishing products along with relaxing massage.

Enjoy your beautiful fingers and toes long after your treatment is done!


Traditional Manicure

Includes: Nail Shaping, Buffing, Full Cuticle Treatment and Massage and polish application.



Mosaic Spa Manicure

Our luxury hand care treatment includes everything in the traditional manicure plus scrub and the therapeutic hydrating and soothing paraffin wax treatment.

Traditional – $50

French – $55

Shellac Manicure

This longer lasting alternative to traditional polish resists chipping and fading for up to 2 weeks. It is the best option for before holidays or a special event where you want 100% perfect polish.



Sportsman Hand & Nail

Hand and nail care is not just for women. This treatment helps with tough skin and cuticles. Leaving hands neat and tidy.

Treatment $35


Traditional Pedicure

Includes: Soak, nail shaping and buffing, full cuticle treatment, foot and lower leg exfoliation & relaxing foot and lower leg massage and polish perfect nails.

Traditional – $57


Mosaic Spa Pedicure

Like our traditional pedicure this includes all nail work and a refreshing scrub. Afterwards a scented lotion is massaged from knee to toe. The added step of enveloping your feet in paraffin wax helps make your skin supple and soft to boosting the moisture levels of the skin after the treatment is complete. 60 Minutes.



Hot Stone Pedicure

Like our traditional pedicure this includes all nail work and a sugar scrub but is followed by a relaxing hot stone massage from knee to toe with a soft scented oil and a paraffin treatment, leaving feet feeling new and appreciated. 90 Minutes.

Hot Stone Pedicure $79

Oxygen Deluxe Pedicure

This unique Oxygen Pedicure System steps to detoxes, renews, cleanses and nourishes. It
includes Bubbly Soak, Sugar Scrub, Bubbly Mud Mask and Massage Butter. Enriched with key
ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs, O2 Bubbly Spa is an excellent deep cleansing treatment combined with the bubbliest spa pedicure experience. 60 Minutes.

Oxygen Deluxe Pedicure $68

Sportsman Pedicure

Designed for feet that need a little extra care after being stuck in boots and work shoes all day

Sportsman Pedicure$50

Relaxation Massage and Body Treatments

Enjoy a relaxing massage by one of our experienced aestheticians.

30 Minutes $70

45 Minutes$85

60 Minutes$100

90 Minutes$140

90 Minutes Hot Stone Massage$145

Stress Relief Body Escape Treatment

The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils by [comfort zone], combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guides you on your way to achieving a quiet and peaceful mind and body state favouring sleep.

Benefits of this treatment: pure relaxation combined with a cosmetically-hydrated and silky skin sensation. Recommended in cases of sleep disorders and stress-related restlessness or anxiety.

Stress Relief Body Escape Treatment (60 min)– $115

Spa Packages

Escape 1

  • Mosaic Spa Manicure
  • Mosaic Spa Pedicure
  • Balance Facial – For impure, combination, oily skin prone to clogged pores. Rebalances, refines and evens out texture.

3¼ Hours$195

Escape 2

  • Hot Stone pedicure
  • Rehydra Facial – Sublime moisturizing care to quench and prevent premature aging

2¼ Hours$160

Escape 3

  • Shellac Manicure
  • Equilibrium Facial – Regulates normal ph of the skin to soothe, regenerate and soften. stores the skin to a normal, healthy texture and prevents premature aging.

2 Hours $180

The Ultimate Escape

  • 75.15 Supreme Lift Facial – This ultimate anti-aging facial takes the active facial to a different level of results. It redefines, lifts, fortifies & smooths skin for improved tone and density of tissues.
  • 60 minute massage
  • Oxygen Pedicure

3¾ Hours – $300

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