Throw away those TWEEZERS.

By January 17, 2017 News

Forever Bare BBL…your solution for getting rid of unwanted hair!

Over the years I have heard the same complaint about women and their unwilling attachment to their tweezers.  Every morning hidden away in their bathroom ( or car ) tweezing out facial hair.  Oh the aggravation and hours wasted! 

As time goes by, women tend to have abnormal hair growth due to changing hormones, medications and for some, metabolic problems.  BBL treatment will help reduce the amount of hair growth and soften the course hairs on face and body.  It works on pigmented hair( does not work on blonde, white or grey hair ).  Broad Band Light ( BBL), delivers photothermal  energy to  hair follicles which will cause hairs in the active growth phase to stop growing.  This treatment is effective on coarse and finer hair.

Practically any part of your body can be treated, even sensitive areas like lip, underarms and bikini.  Treatments are quick with little to no downtime.

The treatments are spaced every 4-12 weeks depending on area being treated.  Pricing is affordable starting at $49

Winter time is exactly when you should get started so by summer the razors, tweezers, and wax pot, is out of sight.  No hairy backs at the beach.  No stubble to remove.  No ingrown to hide and NO MORE FACIAL TWEEZING.

Call or book online for your free consultation and test patch.  You deserve it.


50% off first BBL Hair Removal Treatment.  Already a client?  Try a new area and save 50% off first treatment. Expires Feb 28, 2017

Here are some of our client comments about their experience:

WOW. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this.  I am a swimmer and not having to worry about shaving is amazing.   Paula

I haven’t had to think about tweezing my chin.  It is such a relief.  Sandy

No more prickly legs.  Angela

I used to get ingrown hairs to my bikini line and end up with scars.  That has dramatically improved.  Karen

Since menopause I seem to be getting more and more hair on my face.  This treatment has allowed me to keep it under control.  I don’t feel so self conscious anymore.  Carol