Why Bother with a Facial?

Facials are refreshing and relaxing, but there are also several side benefits.

Facials promote healthy skin

Ever wondered what the benefits are to getting a professional facial?  Sure it’s relaxing but what is it doing for your skin?

Professional medical grade facials, like our Honey Enzyme Facial, provide exfoliation and hydration, both necessary for healthy skin.

Why is exfoliation so important?  

Our skin takes a beating everyday, facing sun, pollution, sweating, dryness and makeup chemicals.  Fortunately for us, our skin is working all the time to make new skin cell layers that continually rise to the surface.  These new cells replace older dead skin cells that are hanging out on the surface dulling our skin’s appearance.  

Gentle exfoliation, using medical grade enzymes gently loosen and remove dead skin cells.  Result is improved skin texture, purification of clogged pores and stimulation of cellular turnover ( which slows down as we age). Enzyme Facials are safe for all skin types and do not cause profound redness and irritation.

When you add honey, a natural antibacterial action is added helping to clear congested or acne prone skin.

February is a great month to show you and your skin a little LOVE.            

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